New website

I haven’t written for a while, mainly because I’m stuck on the land.

Lots has been happening though.. so about a year ago I stopped ordering plastic straws for the pub, I watched the awful video of a turtle having one extracted from it nose. That grossed me out so much I couldn’t put another plastic straw in a drink ever again, from that day we made the move to metal reusable straws.

Anyway that was 15 months ago, back to the present day.. Matt and me have got 55 sites so far confirmed as plastic straw free some straight away and some starting from September.
We are talking millions and millions of plastic single use straws per year.

Our website launched last night, its so cool. Not only does it have easy to remember facts, we are selling the metal straws from it too. I added a page today that will list all of the people and venues that are part of this plastic free revolution.


The plan it to get every pub and bar in the UK plastic straw free by 2020, starting with Brighton.

We have a long way to go but the feedback from managers of the sites I have visited is great so Im pretty confident. Plastic cups are up there on the agenda too and we have been looking at an awesome company called Stack Cup as a possible solution. They are still plastic but they get reused by the customer and can be washed.